Quality Requirements Of The Optical Glass

Jan. 25, 2019

Optical glass is a lens used to manufacture optical instruments or mechanical systems such as Optical Spherical Lens, prism, mirrors, and the like.

Optical glass differs from other glass in that it is an integral part of the optical system and must meet the requirements of optical imaging. Therefore, the determination of the quality of optical glass also includes some special and more stringent indicators. The following requirements for optical glass:

First, the specific optical constants and the consistency of the optical constants of the same batch of glass.

Each type of optical glass has a specified standard refractive index value for different wavelengths of light, so the optical constant of the optical glass produced by the factory must be within a certain tolerance range of these values, otherwise the actual image quality and design expectation will be made. The results do not match the quality of the optical instrument.

Second, a high degree of transparency.

The brightness of the optical system imaging is proportional to the transparency of the glass. For optical systems containing multiple thin lenses, the primary way to increase transmission is to reduce the reflection losses on the lens surface. For large-sized optical components such as the objective lens of an astronomical telescope, the transmittance of the optical system is mainly determined by the light absorption coefficient of the glass itself due to its large thickness.

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