Where is the anti-reflection filter applied?

Jul. 18, 2019

Where should anti-reflection filters be used?

With the continuous development of all walks of life, our photoelectric industry has made great progress, and optical products have been popularized in every corner of life. Filters have also been updated to keep up with the pace of The Times. Today, Customized Optical Components Supplier - BRD Optical would like to share with you to learn what is anti-reflection filter? Anti-reflection filter, where is it used?

Anti-reflection filter, also known as anti-reflection filter, AR lens is one of the most widely used optical filter in optical film at present. The main function of anti-reflection filter is to reduce or eliminate reflected light on the surface of plane mirror, prism, lens and other optical elements, and then improve the light transmittance of optical elements so as to improve the transmittance of optical elements. At present, the film layer coating of anti-filter is mainly used in optical glass, optical crystal,

According to different application occasions and different demand indexes, the commonly used materials at present include magnesium fluoride, titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide, aluminum oxide, zirconia, ZnSe, ZnS ceramic infrared light infrared anti-reflection film, etc. Because the processing of optical anti-reflection film needs to consider the hardness, temperature, humidity and other factors in use according to the actual situation, we will make suitable optical solutions for customers according to the specific use indicators.

Anti-reflection filter is widely used in monitoring lens, optical window, industrial camera, infrared application, optical projection system and other fields, we use imported coating machine production anti-reflection film, film layer firmness, high transmittance, can be customized according to customer needs.

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