[Optical lens supplier] Introduce polarizer to you

Sep. 11, 2019

Optical lens supplier would like to introduce polarizer to you.

Changchun BRD Optical technology co., LTD. Is a manufacturer of various optical components, laser optical components and laser coating. The main products are polarization lens, gradient lens, band pass filter, short wave pass filter, long wave pass filter, reflector, interference filter, spectroscope, laser ranging filter, biochemical filter, neutral density filter and so on. Today, we are going to learn something about polarizing lenses. A polarizer consists of two pieces of optical glass sandwiched by a small, directional crystal, such as mica. In another way, the layer between the two optical glasses is coated with polyethylene film or a crystalline product such as polyvinyl chloride. This polymer coating produces a very fine palisade structure, like a fine fence, allowing light to pass through only in the same direction as the crack. The two pieces of glass are mounted independently in a rotating ring. By rotating one of the lenses, the polarized reflected light on the subject's surface is eliminated. This coating will gradually age and fail, and moisture, impact and vibration will shorten the service life.

Optical lens supplier

Polarization Beamsplitter Cube (PBS)

According to the mechanism of filtering polarized light, polarizer can be divided into circular polarizer (CPL) and linear polarizer (LPL), High Powe Cube Polarization Beamsplitter, which have the same effect. The LPL is primarily used in older manual focus cameras, which have been phased out. The late emergence of CPL adds a layer of 1/4 wavelength film, which has a special property that can generate & PI for a polarization electric vector in one direction (suppose x). A phase shift of PI /2, and it has no effect on the electric vector perpendicular to it (let's say y). So you can make the polarized light pass through a quarter of the plate in the direction of the angular bisector of x and y, and then the outgoing light is a beam with two perpendicular polarization directions, phase difference & PI; So PI over 2 polarized light is going to make up the light, which is called circularly polarized light. This design makes it more suitable for the new autofocus and autoexposure cameras. For this reason, CPL is used as polarizer for all cameras with AF lens (switched camera lens with automatic focus function). In some light conditions, a linear polarizer can mislead an internal metering element to measure light, so DC and most autofocus cameras use a circular polarizer.

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