Performance and advantages of filter

Jun. 14, 2019

Performance and advantages of filter

Customized Optical Components Supplier shares that filters are made of plastic or glass with special dyes. The transmittance of the glass is similar to that of air, and all colored light can pass through, so it is transparent. However, after dyeing the dye, the molecular structure changes and the refractive index changes, so the passage of some colored light changes. For example, if a beam of white light passes through a blue filter, it emits a blue beam of blue light.

Filters are used to attenuate (absorb) certain wavelengths of light or to select a small range of wavelengths to pass through, while reflecting (or absorbing) other unwanted wavelengths. By changing the structure of the filter and the optical parameters of the membrane, various spectral characteristics can be obtained so that the filter can control, adjust and change the transmission, reflection, polarization or phase state of light wave.

Optical filter and crystal, blue glass, crystal plate outer AR is used to improve the light penetration, and blue glass is used to filter infrared, etc. In addition to the special filter, black and white, color photography, there are some filters can be universal, such as ultraviolet mirror, polarization mirror, neutral gray mirror, soft light mirror, fog mirror, etc.

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