What Are The Key Points Of The Projection Lens Design?

Apr. 10, 2019

The main function of the projector lens is decoration and illumination. Different from the traditional projection lamp, the element of the Optical Lens is added on the original basis, so that the light extraction efficiency is greatly improved. Projector lenses with good quality and low price are often more popular, and there are many occasions and fields of application. Therefore, customers have higher recognition of the projector lens. The previous design links must grasp the following three points:

What are the key points of the projection lens design?

1. Characteristics that give appearance to variability

Considering that the projector lens has a certain decorative function, the manufacturer will focus on the variability of the appearance in the design, and design different styles such as a circle and a square according to the general needs of the consumers on the market.

                                                      Optical Lens

2. Focus on the improvement of the cooling efficiency of the flood light

The focus of the floodlight lens design includes the improvement of heat dissipation efficiency. Since the key use of the floodlight is illumination, it will naturally emit excess heat during operation. In order to avoid excessive heat accumulation, the manufacturer will specifically design the part for heat dissipation, and maintain the relationship between the operation of the flood light, and dissipate the heat in time.

3. To ensure the diversification of lighting dynamic effects

The focus of the projector lens design also includes the presentation of diverse dynamic effects. The light emitted by the floodlights cannot be single. It is necessary to achieve different effects such as gradation, color flicker, and alternate switching, so as to meet customer needs.

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