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Spherical Series
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Optical Lens

Lens are a transparent optical component ,it usually contain circular lens and...

Cylindrical Lens

Cylindrical lens named self-focusing lens,it usually contain quadrate cylindrical...


Prisms are designed to vary the direction of  rays,   and  th...

                                                 About us

       Welcome to  Changchun BRD Optical Co.,Ltd. The our
company was established  in 2000 as a high technology 
company in the fields of optics.Our company offers  very 
wide range of optical lens,including spherical lens,cylindrical 
lens,aspherical lens,windows,prisms,crystals ect. 
The substrate material used kinds of optical glass and from IR 
to UV grade fused silica crystal material     
have CaF2 and ZnSe   etc.We deal in windows,prisms,     
spherical lens,cylindrical lens ect.For a long time,we aim     
at the:"Customers first,  Quality first,ervice first".     
We are very strict with quality,control the     
delivery time and optimize the service.           
The purpose is to satisfy the requirement     
of customers,reach the satisfaction of     
customers,and  win  the trust of customers...

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