How should the mirror be cleaned and maintained?

Aug. 07, 2019

How should the mirror be cleaned and maintained?

Optical Mirror Supplier shares that it is an optical element that works by the law of reflection. The reflector can be divided into plane reflector, spherical reflector and aspheric reflector according to the shape. According to the degree of reflection, it can be divided into full reflection mirror and half reflection mirror (also known as beam splitting mirror). Life will encounter different kinds of mirrors, encountered how to clean and maintenance? Today I share my knowledge about mirrors with you.

The metal shepard's mirrors are primarily galactic square Aluminum Mirror that can be applied to a plane or lens and are used in stage lasers, projectors, printers, laser barcode scanners, and high precision optical equipment.

square Aluminum Mirror

 Aluminum (Al) Mirror

In the past, when mirrors were made, they were often silver-plated on glass. The standard process was to vacuum aluminum on a highly polished substrate and then to coat it with silicon oxide or magnesium fluoride. Since the law of reflection has nothing to do with the frequency of light, this kind of element has a very wide frequency band, which can reach the ultraviolet and infrared regions of the visible spectrum, so its application is becoming more and more extensive. An optical element reflecting incident light by a thin film of metallic silver (or aluminum) coated with a vacuum coating on the back of the optical glass. The output power of laser can be multiplied by the high reflector ratio. And is the first reflection surface reflection, reflection image without distortion, no ghosting, for the front surface reflection. If the ordinary reflector is used as the second reflector, the reflectivity is not only low, no selective to wavelength, but also easy to produce ghosting. By using the coating mirror, the image obtained is not only bright, but also accurate and unbiased. The front surface reflector is widely used for optical high fidelity scanning reflection imaging. Now let's see.

Cleaning and maintenance of mirror:

The first and second lenses do not need to be removed for cleaning, only swabs dipped in the cleaning solution need to be carefully rotated along the center of the lens to the edge, and the third mirror needs to be removed.

1. Cleaning method: dip a soft cotton ball into an appropriate amount of high-purity alcohol and gently wipe the mirror clockwise with the center outside until the mirror is clean

2. If you do not use the device for a long time, you must clean the lens first, and then seal the surface with high-grade lens paper and adhesive paper to reduce the chance of direct contact between the lens and air.

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