Germanium (Ge) widnows
  • Germanium (Ge) widnows

Germanium (Ge) widnows


Ge single crystal products also include solar grade ge single crystal, infrared grade ge single crystal and detector grade ge single crystal.

1. Infrared grade germanium single crystal is used to prepare basic materials for infrared Windows, infrared lenses and other optical components.

2. Germanium single crystal for semiconductor devices is used to make various kinds of transistors and matrix materials for solar cells.

3. Detector grade germanium single crystal is used to prepare high resolution gamma radiation detector.

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Ge window has a high refractive index, the application range is 2-15 microns, visible light does not pass through, the product transmittance of uncoated film is not high, generally need to plating anti-reflection film, in order to improve the transmittance of Ge window,

After Ge window plate anti-reflection coating, the common application spectrum range is 3-5 microns, 8-14 microns.

Germanium substrate is relatively sensitive to temperature change, and germanium transmission property is extremely sensitive to temperature change, the higher the temperature, the lower the transmittance, because it is not suitable for > 100 degree high temperature environment, the temperature is greater than 100 degree or even higher temperature environment, will make the germanium substrate low transmittance or opaque.Germanium (Ge) widnows


Infrared thermal imager, Infrared laser system, Infrared optical instrument, Semiconductor, 

Aerospace measurement and control, 

Nuclear physics detection, Optical fiber communication, Infrared optics, solar cells, Chemical catalysts, Biomedicine and other fields 

Have a wide range of important applications.


Commercial   GradePrecision GradeHigh Precision Grade
Dimension tolerance±0.1mm±0.025mm±0.01mm
Thickness tolerance±0.1mm±0.025mm±0.01mm
Parallelism<3 arc min<30 arc sec.<2 arc sec.
Surface quality60/4040/2020/10
Surface accuracyλλ/10λ/20
Coating3-5um OR
8-12um T>97%

Type No.Diameter
BRD-GW-10 X1101    AR   Coating@3-5um
    AR Coating@8-14um
    AR/DLC Coating@3-5um
    AR/DLC Coating@8-14um
BRD-GW-20 X2202
BRD-GW-40 X4404
BRD-GW-50 X3503
BRD-GW-50.8 X350.83
BRD-GW-63.5 X563.55
BRD-GW-75 X3753
BRD-GW-75 X5755
BRD-GW-76.2 X676.26
BRD-GW-80 X8808
BRD-GW-100 X1010010
BRD-GW-150 X1515015
BRD-GW-180 X1818018
BRD-GW-200 X2020020
BRD-GW-300 X3530035

Germanium (Ge) widnowsAs a kind of chemically inert material, single-crystal germanium, with its transmittance spectral range of 2-12um, is a kind of commonly used infrared optical material, which has the characteristics of high hardness, good thermal conductivity and insoluble in water. It is widely used in infrared imaging system and infrared spectrometer system.The single crystal germanium has good mechanical properties and thermal conductivity and small absorption at 10.6um, which makes it an ideal material for CO2 laser lens, window and output coupling mirror.

Density   (g/cm35.33
Melting point   (℃)936
Permittivity Static/high frame16.6@9.37GHZ(300K
Coefficient of thermal expansion   (1/℃)6.1x10-6 @298K
Elastic Modulus (Gpa)77.2
Shear modulus of elasticity (Gpa)67
Coefficient of thermal conductivity  (J/k.m.s)58.61@293k
Specific heat capacity (J/g.k)0.31
Knoop (Kg/mm2)780
Young's modulus (Gpa)102.7
Poisson ratio0.28
Elastic coefficientC11=129 C11=48.3 C11=67.1
The range of transmission wavelength2000nm-12000nm
The absorption coefficient  (1/cm)1,     1.3x10-3@3800nm2,     3x10-2@10600nm
Thermo-optic coefficient4.08x10-4@10600nm


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