UV Fused silica window
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  • UV Fused silica window

UV Fused silica window


Fused Silica is used for windows, lenses and prisms in the transmission range 0.16-3.5µm. Fused Silica refractive index varies from 1.55 to 1.40 through the transmission range. It is resistant to scratching and thermal shock.Fused Silica is suitable for applications in the UV, VIS, IR band and is often used as a viewport window. We provide a large variety of Fused Silica vacuum windows for viewports. AR and Reflective Coatings are available for Fused Silica windows and lenses.

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UV Fused silica windowUV Fused Silica Window has high transparency within ultraviolet and visible regions. It has no absorption bands within 170-250 nm wavelength interval. It has an intensive OH-absorption band at 2600-2800nm wavelength range. This grade does not express fluorescence as a result of UV excitation, and is characterized by optical-radiation stability. It is practically free from bubbles and inclusions.
The nearest analogues of quartz glass are:
Suprasil Standard (Heraeus), Corning HPFS 7980 , Nikon NIFS-A, China JGS1.
JGS1 Windows are in UV grade Fused Silica material and usable down to 170nm. UV grade Fused Silica windows are often used as vacuum viewports and sight glasses.


Commercial   GradePrecision GradeHigh Precision Grade
Dimension                1mm-600mm
Dimension tolerance±0.1mm±0.025mm±0.01mm
Thickness tolerance±0.1mm±0.025mm±0.01mm
Parallelism<3 arc min<30 arc sec.<2 arc sec.
Surface quality60/4040/2020/10
Surface accuracyλλ/10λ/20

UV Fused Silica Windows feature low distortion, excellent parallelism, low bulk scattering, and fine surface quality. This makes them perfectly suited for a wide variety of demanding applications, including multiphoton imaging systems, and intracavity laser applications.<ul list-paddingleft-2">

  • Extremely low bulk scatter and autofluorescence

  • Available in high flatness λ/20 or general purpose λ/10

  • <30 arc-second parallelism

  • Fine, low scatter surface up to 10-5 scratch-dig

  • Broadband AR coatings for UV, visible or IR applications

Transmission   Range :0.18 to 2.2 μm (3 μm for IR   grades)
Refractive   Index :1.47012 at 4 μm (1)
Reflection   Loss :7.0% at 0.4 μm (2 surfaces)
Absorption   Coefficient :10 x 10-6 cm-1 at 1 μm
Reststrahlen   Peak :n/a
dn/dT :+11.9 x 10-6 /°C
dn/dμ =   0 :1.3 μm
Density   :2.203 g/cc
Melting   Point :1600 °C (softening)
Fused   Silica Thermal Conductivity :1.38 W m-1 K-1
Thermal   Expansion :0.55 x 10-6 /°C at 300K
Hardness   :Knoop 500 with 200g indenter
Specific   Heat Capacity :703 J Kg-1 K-1
Dielectric   Constant :3.78 at 25GHz
Youngs   Modulus (E) :73.1 GPa
Shear   Modulus (G) :31.2 GPa
Bulk   Modulus (K) :36.7 GPa
Elastic   Coefficients :n/a
Apparent   Elastic Limit :55 MPa (7980 psi)
Poisson   Ratio :0.17
Solubility   :Insoluble in Water
Molecular   Weight :28.09
Class/Structure :Amorphous   glass

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