What is Beam Splitter?

May. 21, 2018

A beam splitter is an optical device that can split a beam of light into multiple beams. Usually made of optical glass coating. Beam splitters (spectroscopes) are widely used in teaching interferometers, research laser interferometers, polarization light research, optical fiber communications and other optical research and use occasions, and are an important original for optical research and use systems.

Classification of Beam Splitter

According to the physical appearance of the lens

Cube Beam Splitter Prism

The cube beam splitter consists of two 45° right angle prisms. The light beam splits on the prism tilted surface (smeared surface after coating or special treatment). High Powe Cube Polarization Beamsplitter can be found on our website.

Cube Beam Splitter Prism

Flat beam splitters

Flat beam splitters, thin-film half mirrors with uniform (equivalent or linear) thickness (one of which is coated or treated in a semi-transmissive state).

According to the principle of splitting interface


Non-polarized type, the incident beam is partially reflected on the semitransparent surface, and partially transmitted to form two beams. The light source only separates the light intensity according to the transmissivity (reflectivity) ratio of the semitransparent surface, except the light intensity, the rest of the properties and the incident light. the same. More flat type.

Polarized PBS

In the polarization type, the incident light beam is on the semi-transmission surface, and the semi-transmission surface is composed of several polarizers. After several times of the transflective-inverse transmission process, the incident light beam is separated according to the polarization phase properties. The intensity of the light source is divided according to the ratio of the transmission polarization angle range to the reflection polarization angle range. In addition to the light intensity, the two polarizations of the separated light and the polarization state of the light wave are different. More use of cube type.

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