What Can Beam Splitter Be Used For?

May. 24, 2018

In last news, we have introduced cube beam splitter prism. Now we will talk about what can beam splitter be used for?

The beam splitter is mainly used to split the incident beam into two beams that transmit and reflect light with a certain intensity ratio. There are fixed beam splitting beam mirrors and variable beam splitting beam mirrors. The variable beam splitting beam mirror has step and continuous temporary changes.

High Powe Cube Polarization Beamsplitter is commonly used neutral beam splitters have two structures. One is to coat the film on a transparent plate. The other is to plate the film on a 45° right-angled prism slant and glue a prism of the same shape. Make up a glued cube. Flat beam splitters, due to unavoidable astigmatism, are usually applied to medium- and low-level optical devices. For optical systems with high performance requirements, prism beam splitters can be used. The advantages of cemented cube beamsplitters (also called dichroic prisms) are that they are easy to install in the instrument, and because the film layer is not exposed to the air, it is not easy to damage and corrode, so the mechanical and chemical stability requirements of the film material are more demanding. low. However, it is also obvious that the polarizing effect of the cemented cubic beam splitter is larger.

Cube Beam Splitter Prism

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