What Are The Types Of LED Lens Materials?

Mar. 29, 2019

With the increasing use of LED lenses, are the types of LED lens materials clear? Today, Optical Glass Dome Supplier will tell you in detail.

First, silicone lens

1. Because silicone is resistant to high temperatures, it is often used to package directly on LED chips.

2. The general silicone lens is small in volume and has a diameter of 3-10mm.

Second, PMMA lens

1, optical grade PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate, commonly known as: acrylic).

2, plastic materials, advantages: high production efficiency; high transmittance; disadvantages: temperature can not exceed 80 ° (heat distortion temperature of 92 degrees).

Third, PC lens

1. Optical grade Polycarbonate (PC) polycarbonate. 2, plastic materials, advantages: high production efficiency (can be completed by injection molding, extrusion); light transmittance is slightly lower (a penetration rate of about 89% at 3mm thickness); disadvantages: temperature can not exceed 110 ° (heat distortion temperature 135 degree).

Fourth, the glass lens

Optical Lens material, advantages: high light transmittance (97%), high temperature resistance, etc.; Disadvantages: single shape, fragile, difficult to achieve mass production, low production efficiency, high cost. However, at present, very few manufacturers in China have begun to develop glass molding processes, and use glass casting to produce glass lenses, which can produce lenses of various shapes and special surfaces. In addition, mold production, product consistency, high precision, and can greatly improve production efficiency, effectively reduce the cost of glass lenses, coupled with the high light transmittance, glass lens is bound to become optical plastic high-power LED An alternative to lenses.

LED Lens Materials

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