What are the applications of infrared filters?

Jul. 03, 2019

What are the applications of infrared filters?

High Precision Optical Components -- infrared filter is a kind of filter, mainly refers to the deep red filter used in infrared photography. The color will have a corresponding effect even if the filter is not too deep. We all love beauty, but how can we make it better? This a lot of friends do not know, in fact, the key is which piece of small filter, it through the transmittance and reflected light difference, make the sky more blue, more beautiful flowers. Filter is so mysterious, today manufacturers and you take a look at the infrared filter what applications? Let's unravel the mystery of the filter.

Precise Optical Ball Lenses -- infrared filter is mainly used in the field of security monitoring, infrared gas analyzer, night vision products, infrared detector, infrared receiver, infrared induction, infrared communication products. Specific products include: monitoring camera, remote control, infrared curtain wall products, infrared sensor toilet, faucet, hand sanitizer device, infrared temperature sensor, infrared printer, interactive electronic white board, infrared touch screen, fingerprint identification machine, etc.

Infrared filter, filter out infrared namely: color can also be induction infrared surveillance camera CCD, is because of induction infrared lead D.S.P can't calculate the true colors, and so must add a filter, the light in the infrared part is separated, so only color CCD need to pack filter, black and white are: no dressing into the light Because the surveillance cameras are each CCD photosensitive body (CELL), the light is best point-blank come in, but for fear of interference to adjacent photoreceptor, will need to be finishing to the light, so that filter is not glass, but quartz plate, using physical polarization characteristics of quartz, the incoming light, keep direct part, reflection up some of the oblique, avoid to affect next to the point.

High Precision Optical Components

1. Infrared filtering: Available Coating methods and blue glass, Coating vacuum Coating and chemical Coating method, chemical deposition is immersed quartz plate in solvent to electroplating, the cost is low but uneven Coating thickness and easy to fall off, vacuum Coating is by vacuum evaporation method, uniform Coating and not easy to fall off, but the cost is high. We've said above IR Coating, goal in filter out infrared light, Plus other so-called AR - Coating deposition, purpose is to increase the light transmittance, because when the light through different media (such as from air into the quartz plate), will produce part of the refraction and reflection, and AR - after Coating, filter can reach 98-99% penetration rate, otherwise only the penetration rate of 90-95, that have an impact on the CCD sensitivity of course. Another is to use blue glass, blue glass is made of "absorb" way to filter the infrared, and IR - Coating is made of reflection Filter out infrared ways, the reflected light is easy to cause interference, if only consider the filter out infrared, blue glass is a better choice. But said on the glass can't mend the light, so there is a piece of blue glass with a quartz piece of the so-called "two type" filter. The blue glass is used to filter infrared, and quartz cut with the light, so on quartz can do AR - Coating line.

2. Finishing the light says, using physical polarization characteristics of quartz, the light in, keep direct part, reflection up some of the moves, but only on one direction, usually an surveillance cameras only to horizontal resolution, so only do horizontal finishing to the light, so the surveillance cameras in stick to filter for a direction, not the opposite. What if the vertical light also want to finish what should I do? Just glue two pieces together and rotate one of them 90 degrees, so you have these "two-piece" filters, one for horizontal Coating, one for vertical Coating, and one for IR-Coating to filter infrared light.

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