How To Judge Whether Optical Glass Is Excellent?

Aug. 23, 2018

Optical glass is a glass that modifies the direction of light transmission and alters the relative spectral dispersion of ultraviolet, visible, or infrared light. Narrow optical glass refers to colorless optical glass; optical glass can be used to make lenses, prisms, mirrors, windows, etc. in optical instruments. The difference between optical glass and other glass is that it is a component of the optical system and needs to meet the requirements of optical imaging. Therefore, the determination of the quality of optical glass also contains some special and more stringent indicators.The following Plano Convex Lens Exporter will briefly introduce

First, the specific optical constant and the consistency of the optical constants of the same batch of glass

Each type of optical glass has a regular normative refractive index value for different long wavelengths of the optical lens, as the basis for the optical planner to plan the optical system. Therefore, the optical constants of the optical glass produced by the factory need to be within the tolerance range of these values, otherwise the quality of the actual imaging will be inconsistent with the expected results at the time of planning and affect the quality of the optical instrument.

Second, a high degree of transparency

The brightness of the optical system imaging is proportional to the transparency of the glass. The transparency of the optical glass to a certain wavelength of light is expressed by the light absorption coefficient Kλ. After passing through a series of prisms and lenses, the energy is somewhat lost in the interface reflection of the optical part and the other is absorbed by the medium (lens design glass) itself. Therefore, with regard to an optical system including a plurality of thin lenses, the first way to increase the transmittance is to reduce the reflection loss of the lens surface, such as coating an external antireflection film layer.

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