What Are The Key Contents Of The Lens Design Of The Projector?

Apr. 18, 2019

The main function of the projector lens is decoration and lighting. Different from the traditional projector lamp, the lens element is added on the original basis, which greatly improves the light output efficiency. Lenses with good quality and low price tend to be more popular and used in more occasions and fields, so customers have a higher recognition of the lenses. The demand of consumers corresponds to the expansion of the market scope, and many manufacturers have invested in the production of projection lights and lenses. In the early stage of design, the following three key points shared by Optical Spherical Lens Manufacturer should be grasped:

What are the key contents of the lens design of the projector?

1. Endow the appearance with the characteristics of variability

Considering that the lens of the projection light has a certain decorative function, the manufacturer will focus on the changeability of the appearance in the design. According to the several general requirements of consumers on the market, different styles such as circle and square are designed. In addition, the manufacturer accepts the custom demand from the customer, and designs the less common appearance character according to the customer's request.

2. Focusing on improving the heat dissipation efficiency of floodlights

The key content of the lens design of the projector includes the improvement of heat dissipation efficiency. Since the key purpose of the projector is lighting, it will naturally emit excess heat during operation. In order to avoid excessive heat accumulation, manufacturers will specifically design for heat dissipation parts, and the operation of the lights to maintain a complementary relationship, timely heat out.

                                                         Optical Spherical Lens

3. Ensure the diversification of dynamic lighting effects

The focus of the lens design of the projector also includes the presentation of diversified dynamic effects. The light emitted by the projector cannot be single, and it should be able to achieve different effects such as gradual change, color flicker and alternating switch, so as to meet the needs of customers. The lamplight after open extremely rich change sex, ability attracts the attention of consumer ceaselessly.

Through the elaboration and enumeration of the above three parts, it is believed that consumers have basically understood the key contents of the lens design of projection lights. Only by clarifying these knowledge points, can we design the lens of projection lights to stimulate the desire to buy. Hope that manufacturers focus on the design of the issues, and continue to expand the performance of the other lights.

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