Current situation and future trend of optical industry market development?

Jul. 26, 2019

Current situation and future trend of optical industry market development? Shared by Customized Optical Components Manufacturer.

In the modern fierce competition under the great age of all walks of life are also encountered unprecedented challenges and development, the pace of upgrading also unceasingly along with the progress of the era of progress, the optical industry is no exception, met the challenge also ushered in the opportunity, not only today, changchun borui optronics technology co., LTD., and everyone take a look at the optical industry market development present situation and future development.

From optical materials, components, lens components to the whole instrument production field, the upper, middle and lower reaches of optical manufacturing products present different market status, and the whole industrial chain has different development trends.

Optical materials: a new generation of optical components is coming

Optical materials are used in optical experiments and optical instruments with certain optical properties and functions of the material collectively. At present, there are dozens of kinds of optical materials: colorless optical glass and colored optical glass, infrared optical material, optical crystal, optical quartz glass, artificial optical quartz crystal, microcrystalline glass, optical plastic, optical fiber, filter, aviation plexiglass, milky white diffuse glass and other liquid materials. Among them, optical glass is used most in imaging devices.

Optical Components

Because the modern optical industry and electronic industry, combining information technology, communication technology, photoelectron technology, photonics technology, the electronic industrial technology in the application of optical manufacturing, broke through the traditional concept of optical components and optical processing industry, at present, the aspheric surface, diffraction optical element, with high precision thin-film technology processing of WDM wavelength division multiplexing device, with a new generation of lithography equipment manufacturing of ultra high precision optical components such as dominated the mainstream of a new generation of optical element.

Optical Components: the global market is shifting to China

With the rapid development of electronic science, Internet and other modern science and technology, the application scope of optical lens continues to penetrate into many optical imaging fields closely related to human life, such as digital camera, laptop computer, mobile phone, security surveillance camera, vehicle visual system, intelligent home and aerial photography uav. Especially since 2000, with the rapid development of communication network and Internet, China has become one of the most important optical lens markets in the world by virtue of such huge downstream market demand.

In 2010, the output of China's optical lens industry was about 1.182 billion, and in 2014, the output of China's optical lens industry reached 2.225 billion.

In 2014, China exported 7,439.84 tons of optical lenses, with a total export value of us $1.636 billion. The import quantity was 2645.27 tons, and the total import amount was us $1.017 billion.

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