[Optical Lens supplier]What is the working principle of lens imaging?

Jun. 19, 2019

What is the working principle of lens imaging?

In today's era of continuous development, Optical Spherical Lens also began to be widely used, into every corner of our lives, and our lives have been inseparable. It is also often used on our lamps, which are glass or plastic components that can change the direction of light or control the distribution of light. What is the working principle of lens imaging? Where are lenses used?

Lens is the most basic optical element of microscope optical system. Objective lens, eyepiece and condenser lens are composed of single and multiple lenses. Depending on its shape, it can be divided into two categories: convex lens, also called positive lens, and concave lens, also called negative lens.

Convex lens: middle thick, thin edge, double convex, convex convex, convex three;

Concave lens: thin in the middle, thick edge, there are two concave, concave, convex concave three.

Optical Spherical Lens

When a beam of light parallel to the main light column passes through a convex lens and is relative to a point, the point is called "focal point", and the plane passing through the focal point and perpendicular to the optical axis is called "focal plane". Focal point has two, on the focal point of object space, say "thing square focal point", the focal plane of the place, say thing square focal plane, contrary, in the focal point of square space, say like square focal point, the focal plane of the place says like square focal plane.

When light passes through a concave lens, it creates a positive virtual image, while a convex lens creates an inverted real image, which can be displayed on the screen, while a virtual image cannot.

Lens can be widely used in security, car, digital camera, laser, optical instruments and other categories, with the development of the market from time to time, lens technology is more and more widely used. A lens is made according to the law of refraction of light. A lens is an optical element made of transparent material, such as glass, crystal, etc. A lens is a refractor whose refracting surfaces are two spheres (one part of a sphere), or one sphere (one part of a sphere), and one transparent body in a plane. It produces both real and virtual images.

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