How to maintain and store optical filters?

Sep. 18, 2019

How to maintain and store optical filters? 

With the rapid development of today's era, the application of filters has become more and more, and filters have entered everyone's life. Have you ever wondered what the glass chip on the CCD is for? It is inseparable from people, how to maintain and store it? In fact, that small piece of filter, the correct name is called "optical low pass filter" (OLPF)! , a lot of people will say that which is not a piece of broken glass, in fact, it is not, a small piece, great knowledge, first of all, today the Customized Optical Components Manufacturer would like to share with us.

Optical filter as a kind of precision optical components, the film layer on the surface of the filter is easy to be scratched. In addition, improper cleaning methods and storage habits will also lead to the damage of the optical film layer on the surface of the lens, which will reduce the optical performance and service life of the optical filter. So we can see that the maintenance and storage of optical filters is a particularly important part of our use. Here in changchun borui optoelectronics and everyone to discuss the Narrow Bandpass Filter in the maintenance and storage link need to pay attention to the small problems.

Customized Optical Components Manufacturer

Narrow bandpass filter

A. We should wear a rubber finger cover when taking the filter to prevent the stain from corroding the surface of the hand.

B. When we take the filter, we should hold the edge of the lens with our fingers, not touching the membrane layer of the filter.

C. The removal and placement of the filter should avoid scratches caused by sharp and angular foreign bodies in the external environment. The filter should not be placed in a hygienic environment

D. The storage of filter should be placed in the special filter package such as clean PTE film and stored in a constant temperature and humidity environment.

E. If there is a stain on the surface of the filter, it needs to be cleaned by wiping. If the stain remains too long, it will react with the surface membrane and form permanent damage

F. Do not stack optical filters together as this may cause wear and tear between them

G. If there is a stain on the surface of the filter, wipe it clean with anhydrous ethanol or similar solvent.

The above method is the basic method of maintaining and storing optical filters. If you have any questions, please visit or call borida optoelectronic technology.

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