Optical Domes

May. 02, 2018

Optical dome is a kind of Optical Components. An ideal parallel surface, at the imaging, the picture doesn't distort, and at the dimension of lighting, the lighting doesn't distort. BRD Dome, the optical components are exceptional, which generated by the optical technologies of optical polishing and grinding.

When it's visible dome, UV dome or IR dome, BRD dome was verified from the global industry. BRD optical dome is located in regions like defense technologies, weather tracking and Optical imaging. Optical domes incorporate visible substance, UV substance and IR material. Dimension from 10mm to 350mm and depth 1mm-10mm.

All optical parts might be coated according to requirements and function. Reflective or antireflective coatings, using higher power damage threshold for laser businesses are readily available.

Optical Domes

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