How to increase the service life of optical glass?

Jul. 15, 2019

How to increase the service life of optical glass? Following shared by Customized Optical Components Manufacturer.

In today's era, everyone has become a phubber, so this also brings opportunities to the use of optical glass, optical glass has been generally into our lives, but there are a few people know how to protect her, clean it? To make it last longer and more durable? Today I want to share with you how to increase the service life of optical glass?

Often keeping the optical glass clean will increase the life of the optical glass. Because pollution will cause a lot of problems in the lens, the uneven distribution of laser power during reflection makes the base temperature of the lens high and the marginal temperature low, resulting in this change in optical called lens effect.

Do not comply with the requirements and attention to the lens finishing, arbitrary treatment will form new pollution or even scratch optical glass, forming unnecessary losses. Should notice to do not let lens lens touch hard thing directly at ordinary times, when scrub, it is best to use clear water first (or admix a few dishwashing essence) cleanness, try with special cloth or excellent cotton paper to blot the water on lens next. If the lens does not have scratches, it should not be used all the time.

Customized Optical Components Manufacturer

The processing of lens is made of liquefied monomer with high temperature or uv curing. With the change of environment and temperature, the film layer of lens appearance and material of lens itself will be changed, resulting in light scattering and decreased comfort. Long use time will lead to dry and distension of both eyes. At this point, you need to replace the optical glass.

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