How to Clean The Optical Prism?

Jun. 26, 2018

In recent years, with the rapid development of optics and information industry, optical prisms have played an increasingly important role in various fields, and their cleaning efficiency, precision, and quality requirements have become higher and higher. Traditional cleaning processes cannot adapt Due to the requirement of cleanliness, ultrasonic cleaning is widely used as an efficient cleaning tool in optical prism cleaning. Optical glass is used for the prism of the instrument, and it is easy to be stained with oil stains, water wet dirt, fingerprints, etc. to affect imaging and light transmittance during manufacture and use. For example, rhomboid prism and wedge prism are widely used. The cleaning optical prism should use the ultrasonic cleaning method according to the characteristics of the dirt.

Rhomboid Prism

Optical Prism Ultrasonic Cleaner - Features

1, IPA steam bath washing system, so that the workpiece is completely cleaned and evaporated, can be immediately put into electroplating or coating.

2. The filtration and circulation system can keep the cleaning fluid in a clean state.

3. The heating and freezing system is placed in the tank (outside the tank) and is equipped with a constant temperature control.

4, Equipped with a swing device to improve cleaning efficiency.

5, With "frozen", "ball pump" and "swing" overload protection alarm system. To ensure the safe operation of the whole machine.

6, Equipped with IPA cryoprotection system, effectively prevent evaporation.

7. The IPA drying tank is equipped with a time lag and stepless speed-regulating lifting device to ensure that the workpiece steam is washed and dried.

8, Put-in shock plate ultrasonic device, easy to repair.

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