What are the advantages of optical lens coating?

Aug. 28, 2019

What are the advantages of optical lens coating?

As the wheel rolling forward of The Times, we also constantly rolling and rolled faster and faster, and stand in the development of science and technology, our living standard has been improved, all kinds of digital products, electronic products are constantly being pushed out, has an irresistible attraction on adults or children, so the optical lens, for it to protect our eyes, and will make us more clear understanding of the world. Therefore, we know the optical lens has been an urgent matter, today the Customized Optical Components Supplier Changchun borida photoelectric technology and everyone to learn the advantages and classification of optical lens coating?

What are the advantages of lens coating?

Optical Coating Supplier shares that coated lens (filter) can reduce the reflected light of the lens surface, see things clearly, reduce the reflected light of the mirror, increase the light transmission rate, also solve the problem of wearing glasses under strong light, increase the aesthetic feeling. Coated glasses can prevent the harm of ultraviolet ray, infrared ray and X ray to vision. Wearing coated glasses is not easy to fatigue. The vision of the staff in front of the fluorescent screen can be protected.

High Reflective Coatings

High Reflective Metal Coatings

High Reflective Coating resin lens in addition to should avoid scratch touch high temperature, should also avoid acid lampblack and other erosion, such as in daily life had better not wear a mirror to cook, especially when ventilation is not big lampblack; Also cannot wear at the same time (take) lens to enter (near) environment of hot water shower, when placing temporarily normally lens convex surface is up, should put glasses inside box when carrying, do not put pocket casually or in hanging bag, make film layer abrade extremely easily in that way.

How long is the service life of the lens?

If the lens has no scratches, can it be used continuously? The answer is no. Resin lens processing is high temperature liquid monomer or uv curing, with longer life cycle, the change of environment and temperature, film layer on the surface of the lens and the lens material itself can change the physical, membrane layer under a microscope to see will be uneven, local luminosity and fitting materials itself has produced differences, lead to the light scattering, comfort, with long time will have the symptoms of dry eyes, distention, this time, you need to replace the lens. It takes about two to three years.

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