Optical Glass Domes Need To Pay Attention To Long-Term Reliability

Jun. 20, 2018

Radiation Degradation - exposure to sun and extreme lighting may lead to yellowing and solarization as time passes, reducing the clarity and colour neutrality of dome materials. Not only does many plastics yellowish, some less costly eyeglasses will darken over time together with extreme lighting, particularly when UV is current.

Thermal Failure & Degradation -- vinyl domes will embrittleloose power and optical clarity over the years when subjected to excess heat. Glass domes can crack and occasionally even explode when exposed to thermal shock in the event the incorrect glass material is selected. Not merely are the apparent environments like furnace methods, welding stations, and laser systems a threat, apparently ordinary environments such as a tarmac from the desert or a aircraft carrier deck may become extremely hot and water out of a cold hose may cause some eyeglasses to neglect. 

Mechanical Stresses - impacts, explosions, abrasion and other environmental hazards can compromise both the optical and mechanical performance of a camera dome. Many glass materials are more durable than many others, like Rayotek borosilicate glass and also some glass substances can be bolstered.

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