The Difference Between Laser Glass and Optical Glass

Mar. 24, 2020

The difference between optical glass dome and other glasses is that it is an integral part of the optical system. Each type of optical glass has a prescribed standard refractive index value for different wavelengths of light. The transmittance of the optical system is mainly Determined by the glass's own light absorption coefficient, as the basis for designing the optical system of the optical lens, the optical constants of the optical glass must be within a certain tolerance range of these values, otherwise the actual imaging quality will not be consistent with the expected result at design Affects the quality of optical lenses.

Laser glass is composed of two parts: matrix glass and activated ions. Various physical and chemical properties of laser glass are mainly determined by matrix glass, and its spectral properties are mainly determined by activated ions. However, matrix glass and activating ions interact with each other, so activating ions have a certain effect on the physical and chemical properties of laser glass, and the influence of matrix glass on its spectral properties is sometimes quite important.

Glued Lens

Glued Lens

As the matrix glass of laser glass, optical glass is mostly used at present, however, not any optical glass is suitable for laser glass by accessing any kind of activating ion. The main advantages of laser glass over laser crystals are:

(1) Easy to prepare. By applying and improving the technology of preparing optical glass round windows, it is possible to obtain highly transparent and optically uniform glass. It is easier to produce large-sized work substrates with low cost, large volume and high The number of activated particles is an important advantage for high power and high energy lasers.

(2) The matrix glass is easily changed. The composition and properties of the matrix glass vary widely, and the types and quantities of activators added are not too limited, so it is easier to develop into laser glass varieties with various characteristics.

(3) Easy molding. Using the process of optical glass hot forming and cold processing, laser glass is easy to be directly shaped into various shapes, such as rods, sheets, wires, etc., and densely formed into high-precision optical surfaces to meet the needs of the development of various device structures.

(4) Based on the characteristics of glass structure, that is, short-range ordering and long-range disordering, the structural defects in the glass have a small effect on the properties of the broken glass and are easy to eliminate, so it is easy to obtain an isotropic working substance with uniform properties on a large volume . Because neodymium glass can generate laser at room temperature, the temperature quenching effect is small, the optical pump absorption efficiency string and the high quantum efficiency of light emission are currently the most important laser glass.

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