Cylindrical Lens Technology

Jun. 07, 2018

Technical advantages of Cylindrical lens: naked eye 3D, deeper picture

Application of Cylindrical lens: naked eye 3D advertising player, naked eye 3D light box

The Cylindrical lens technology is also known as the Cylindrical lens or micro-pillar lens 3D technology, its biggest advantage is that its brightness will not be affected. The principle of the Cylindrical lens 3D technology is to add a layer of Cylindrical lenses in front of the liquid crystal display so that the image plane of the liquid crystal screen is located on the focal plane of the lens, so that the pixels of the image below each lens lens are divided into several sub-pixels. This allows the lens to project each subpixel in a different direction. Then the eyes look at the display from different angles and see different sub-pixels. However, the gap between pixels is also magnified, so it is not possible to simply superimpose the sub-pixels. Let the cylindrical lens and the column of pixels not be parallel, but at a certain angle. This allows each set of sub-pixels to repeatedly project the viewport, rather than projecting only one set of parallax images. Its brightness is not affected because the Cylindrical lens does not block the backlight, so the screen brightness can be well protected.

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Cylindrical Lens

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