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May. 15, 2019

Tell you about the optical filter has been inseparable with our lives

High Precision Optical Components-optical filter refers to the optical elements or independent substrate coated with a layer or layers of dielectric film or metal film to change the characteristics of light wave transmission. The characteristics of these thin films, such as transmission, absorption, scattering, reflection, polarization and phase change, are used to design and Customized Optical Components Manufacturer various filter products for scientific and engineering applications. Manufacturing filter technology is a complex engineering technology, involving many professional technical fields, including vacuum acquisition technology, vacuum measurement technology, computer-aided design technology, optical characteristics testing technology, electronic circuit technology, material characteristics testing and preparation technology.

An optical device used to select the desired radiation band. They are divided into two categories: color filters, which are flat glass or gelatin sheets of various colors with a transmission bandwidth of several hundred angstroms, and are most commonly used in broadband photometry or in stellar spectrographs to isolate overlapping spectral orders. Its main feature is that the dimensions can be quite large. Thin film filter is divided into two types: thin film absorption filter and thin film interference filter. The former is based on a specific material substrate, which is chemically etched so that the absorption line is located at the desired wavelength.

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