What is BK7 Optical Glass?

Apr. 19, 2018

BK7 is the brand name of the German SCHOTT glass factory, and K9 is the corresponding domestic glass brand. N-BK7 is the glass of Germany SHOTT H-K9L is the glass of Chengdu light BSC7 is the glass of Japan HOYA.

BK7 Optical Glass

BK7 has been used for lenses or prisms since long ago. Although there are BSC7 or BSL7 models, depending on the manufacturer, the composition, optical properties, physical properties, and chemical properties are basically the same. The visible spectral region has a good permeability, with few bubbles or impurities, and the unevenness of the striations and the refractive index that have an adverse effect on the optical system is also reduced to a level that hardly affects. In addition to lenses or prisms, it is also used in most optical elements such as mirrors or beam splitter substrates or various coated filter substrates. BRD is professional optical components manufacturer. We produce different kinds of BK7 optical glass, including BK7 Glass Dove Prism. We Design. We Manufacture. We Deliver.

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