Common problems with coated glass - scratches, abrasions

Aug. 21, 2019

Common problems with coated glass: scratches and abrasions. 

Scratches or abrasions: the linear or banded scars caused by sliding or rubbing of coated glass surface and other hard materials are scratches or abrasions, which are mainly manifested as increased light transmittance of the scratch or abrade part of the glass, or the film surface falls off and is transparent. Optical Coating Supplier shares that its shape is irregular arc thin strip or ribbon.

Causes: scratch or scratch is often in the construction and installation in the using, mainly have:

1. Production: glass scratches are possible in production due to equipment or post-cleaning. However, such scratches are usually regular and linear, which can be controlled and tested. In addition, the handling and packing of coated glass in the production process may also cause scratches, and the original piece itself may also have scratches. But objectively speaking, because the large coated glass is directly online with the plate machine to install a piece, it is generally impossible to cause scratches, and the reinforcement of High Reflective Coatings glass is also directly after the film packing, film surface generally will not contact with other hard objects, so usually will not appear scratches or abrasions.

Optical Coating Supplier

Optical Coating Supplier

2. Cutting reasons: such as cutting ruler or tape in the Beam Splitter Coatings glass film surface drag; Abrasions on the glass film surface caused by the wiping process due to sand or glass chips on the glass film surface; Cutting down the coating surface or not paying attention to the last piece of each box is placed in the opposite direction, which causes the glass film surface to rub with other things and cause scratches.

3. Stacking and storage: the glass after opening the box or cutting was not stacked according to the requirements, and there was no cushion between the pieces, resulting in direct contact between the glass. Due to sand or glass chips, scratches or abrade were caused during handling or transportation.

4. Installation and cleaning: scratches or abrasions caused by hard objects caused by human during gluing or installation; In the cleaning use of unclean or hard wipe, or in the glass film surface has cement mortar and other pollutants, and the use of incorrect cleaning method.

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