Applications of Cylindrical Lenses

Apr. 27, 2018

Cylindrical lenses may be utilized in various applications areas. High-precision cylindrical lenses is even popular. In laser diode collimation, the divergent astigmatic ray of a diode laser can readily be collimated utilizing a set of cylindrical lenses positioned perpendicular to one another. Using two different lenses this manner also permits complete elimination of the astigmatism inherent in laser diodes.

Another growing market is anamorphic lenses, first produced in the movie business, which intentionally distort a picture to permit standard 35 millimeter pictures to capture pictures in widescreen format.

One new program is the usage of an anamorphic lens allowing 16:9 aspect ratio digital recorders to produce full-screen 2.35:1 (Cinemascope) pictures, for display on super-wide format home-theatre displays.

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Cylindrical Lenses

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