Solution for cracked and spotted markings on coated glass

Aug. 23, 2019

Solution for cracked and spotted markings on coated glass shared by Optical Coating Glass Supplier.

Cracked on coated glass:

Basically be to point to because cut or installation USES wait for a reason, cause the crack phenomenon that the window on glass appears after the wall. In addition to the installation and use of human impact and other reasons caused by the fracture, we generally put this kind of coating glass after the installation and use of the fracture called coating glass thermal stress fracture.

Causes: due to some optical differences between High Precision Optical Thin Film and ordinary transparent glass, there are more strict requirements on installation and use. The main reasons for thermal stress fracture are as follows:

1. In terms of design: the thermal explosion prevention design of coated glass is an important factor that must be seriously considered in architectural design. In addition to the orientation that should consider a building, indoor and outdoor screen effect, climate condition, choose glass to the factor such as the absorption size of solar radiant energy, choose what glass, be like glass of aggrandizement coating film or glass of common coating film also is a very important factor.

2, in the aspects of glass installation: such as glass during the installation process must keep a certain distance with metal or other metal, glass edges are strictly prohibited in any direction or direct contact with the metal body keep the space is too small, more can not as a normal white glass installation, put the glass on the metal frame body directly, so, due to the endothermic effect and expansion of the coated glass, will inevitably lead to the collapse of the glass.

3. Cutting quality of glass: the cutting quality of glass edge is very important, which is an important reason for glass fracture.

Solution for cracked and spotted markings on coated glass

Anti-Reflection Coating (AR)

Flecks or markings on coated glass:

From the uncoated surface, there are irregular black speckled or speckled surface defects on the Anti-Reflection Coating glass. Generally, there are mildew, paper, sucker printing, original film and watermark phenomenon.

Generation reason: appear spot or mottled situation is more, among them basically be coating film former original piece has blemish, or because store after coating film, use improper wait for a reason to cause.

1. Production: generally speaking, the coating glass production process itself will not produce these defects, mainly in the original quality. For example, the original film is not fresh appeared mold and paper printing; The original piece itself with suction cup and tin dip; Toughened or semi-tempered glass cleaning caused by bad watermark; And the original piece itself is contaminated, which may cause the coated glass product spots or blemishes.

2. Storage, construction and installation: as the glass is placed in a humid and unventilated environment for a long time, the glass may become mildewy or deteriorate and appear spots or markings.

3. Film pollution: due to improper installation, construction and cleaning, may cause local pollution of the glass and make the glass spots or stripes. In addition, because the glass can not be timely cleaning, causing dust and soot and other stolen goods attached to the glass surface for a long time, eventually due to the cleaning can not be removed and appear spots or striped pollution.

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