What Are The Lenses Of A Microscope Made Of?

Mar. 25, 2019

The lens of the microscope is divided into an eyepiece and an objective lens. The eyepiece is mounted on the upper end of the lens barrel and is close to the human eye. The objective lens is mounted on the transducer at the lower end of the lens barrel.

The objective lens is the most important optical component of the microscope. Its function is to enlarge the object for the first time and determine the imaging quality and resolution. The resolution depends mainly on the numerical aperture NA (mirror ratio) of the objective lens.

The type of objective lens, according to the degree of aberration correction, can be divided into the following categories:

1 achromatic objective

A common objective Achromatic Lenses , on the outer casing of the objective lens, does not represent a mark. This objective lens can focus red and blue light in the spectrum to one point, and yellow-green light to focus on another point. Its best clear range is 510-630nm, and its performance is poor, which is not suitable for photography.

Achromatic Lenses

2 apochromatic objective

The housing of the objective lens is engraved with APO, which has high performance and can focus red, blue and yellow light in the visible spectrum to one point, correcting the spherical aberration and other aberrations of red and blue light. Its optimal clarity range is from 400-720 nm, which accommodates all visible spectra. Suitable for observation and photography in any shade.

3 semi-apochromatic objective lens

The housing of the objective lens is engraved with FI, and the correction of the chromatic aberration is between the achromatic objective lens and the apochromat objective lens. The optimum clear range is from 430 to 680 nm. It includes most of the visible spectrum and is suitable for viewing or photography with various color filters.

All of the above three objective lenses have a curved phenomenon in which a planar object forms a spherical surface. As a result, the image at the center and the edge of the field of view cannot be simultaneously focused, and the sharp edge of the center is blurred or opposite, and increases with the increase of the magnification.

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What Are The Lenses Of A Microscope Made Of?

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