New Products- Reticles

Apr. 11, 2019

The reticle is a planar optical element located on the focal plane of an optical system.The engraving line width of the reticle produced by our company can be up to 3 um at the minimum, and the precision is 0.5um. The width of the duplicating process line can be up to 1 um, and the spacing can be up to 0.5um. The surface quality is in line with the American military standard MIL-PRF-13830b and the national standard zero-grade surface standard.Our products are widely used in: telescopic system, guns aiming system, all kinds of vehicles, ships and other artillery ranging from close range in the target system, laser ranging system, individual guidance, astronomical instruments, aerospace measurement and control system, satellite remote sensing, image processing technology, the astronomical telescope system, satellite tracking target board, etc.

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