About Aspherical Lens

Apr. 12, 2019

About Aspherical Lens

A significant benefit of the aspherical lens is its ability to perform spherical aberration correction. Spherical aberrations are produced by using a spherical surface to focus or align light. Therefore, in other words, all spherical surfaces, whether or not there are any measurement errors and manufacturing errors, will have spherical aberrations. Therefore, they all need a surface that is not spherical or aspherical to correct it. By adjusting the conic constant and aspherical coefficients, any aspheric lens can be optimized to minimize aberrations. The spherical aberration that appears in the ball lens will cause the incident light to focus at many different fixed points, producing a blurred image; in an aspheric lens, all the different rays will be focused on the same fixed point, thus producing Less blurred and more quality images.


Although there are many different techniques on the market to correct aberrations caused by spherical surfaces, these other techniques are far less than the aspherical lenses in terms of imaging performance and flexibility. Another widely used technique involves increasing f/# by "reducing" the lens. Although doing so can improve the quality of the image, it will also reduce the luminous flux in the system. Therefore, there is a trade-off between the two.

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