Brief analysis of the future development space of optical glass

Jun. 12, 2019

Brief analysis of the future development space of optical glass

Optical Glass Dome Manufacturer shares that glass that changes the direction of light propagation and the relative spectral distribution of ultraviolet, visible, or infrared light is called optical glass. Optical glass is the key element in optical instrument. Optical glass is the basis and important component of photoelectric technology industry. Today's society, as a new optical and electronic information science, materials science unceasing fusion, as a foundation for optoelectronic materials in the optical transmission of the optical glass, optical storage and application in the field of photoelectric display three is growing by leaps and bounds, optical glass is widely used optical electric products for information collection, transmission, storage, conversion and display various aspects, this strongly promote the development of the optical glass to a higher level.

With the development of photonics technology, especially with the development of photonics technology, photon is the main carrier of information after electron, and its information acquisition, transmission, storage, display and processing technology largely depend on the development of advanced optical functional materials and devices. Using the interaction of glass and light to change the polarization, frequency, coherence and monochromaticity of light, and the new type of optical functional glass which produces and detects photons have become the main direction of the development of optical glass.

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