What is a neutral density attenuation filter?

Jun. 29, 2019

What is a neutral density attenuation filter?

With the development of science and technology, products of all walks of life are constantly being updated, and the filter industry is no exception. Filters of different types and specifications and materials are emerging in an endless stream. Today, Customized Optical Components Manufacturer would like to share us neutral density attenuation filter.

Neutral density filter is also called attenuator, namely, neutral density filter, neutral density filter, neutral density attenuator, fixed neutral density plate, gradual neutral density plate. By using the absorption characteristics of materials to light, it is made into sheets and put on the light path to attenuate the light intensity. This kind of chip element is called optical attenuator. It includes fixed density filter, linear gradient density filter, circular gradient density filter, etc.

Using the absorption property of the material to the light, made into a sheet, put on the light path, can attenuate the light intensity, this kind of sheet element is called optical attenuator.

The amount of light passing through the attenuator depends on the type of material and also on the thickness of the material. For example, the standard transmittance on the attenuator is 0. 02 indicates that after passing through the attenuator, the light penetrates only 2% of the original light intensity.

Neutral density filter

A beam of light contains light of different wavelengths. The meaning of neutral attenuator is that after the light passes through this attenuator, different wavelengths are attenuated in the same proportion.

Neutral density filter (attenuator, neutral density filter, neutral density filter, neutral density attenuator) :

Application: widely used in various optical systems such as medical equipment light detectors, clinical biochemical analysis equipment, chemical detection equipment, and electronic imaging systems and other optical instruments.

Material: blue plate glass, K9 glass, fused quartz.

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