Application Of Optical Coating

Jan. 10, 2019

In our daily life, High Precision Optical Thin Film can be seen everywhere, such as glasses, digital cameras, various household appliances, or anti-counterfeiting technology on banknotes, various equipment in the medical field, weapons in the military field, and so on. The most common is to look at the words of the mobile phone screen under the sunlight. Because the reflected light is not strong, the screen is blurred, which requires the optical coating of the screen to achieve a clear transmission effect.

With the continuous promotion of coating technology, the application field of optical coating technology is also expanding. Most of the optical coating materials used in different fields belong to rare metals with very small reserves. These rare metals and rare earths are used in small quantities in the industrial sector, but they are indispensable and are called "industrial vitamins".

The coating is physically or chemically coated with a transparent electrolyte membrane on the surface of the material, or a metal film is applied to change the reflective and transmissive properties of the surface of the material. Optical coating is based on the principle of optical interference. In the range of visible light and infrared, the reflectivity is between 78-98% to achieve light transmittance. Optical coating technology has always been an important basic technology in the optical field.

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