[High Precision Optical Components]What is an optical lens?

Jun. 05, 2019

What is an optical lens?

Optical lens is the "mirror" of infrared ray probe, it is like the mirror of people, include the High Precision Optical Components, whether it is appropriate to use or not directly reflects the utility of use, and the mistake and omission of use errors occur, so that users or developers can get determination for it. The use of appropriate diffusion to play the role of human induction, making its use has been extended.

Customized Optical Components Manufacturer shares that the optical lens is based on the principle created by FRESNEL, a French light scientist, which adopts the silver electroplating technology and the PE (polyethylene) material depression. Optical lens (0.5mm thick) name engraved a circle from small to large, from shallow to deep out of the concerted circle, from the section looks like a saw blade. The circle line is many but the close induction position is big, the row space is far; The toroidal lines should be spaced far apart and spaced close together. The more the infrared line moves into the unity ring, the more concentrated and stronger the light is. Several commind loops in the same row form a vertical induction region, and between commind loops form a degree induction segment. The more the vertical induction zone, the larger the vertical induction position; The longer the lens the more the induction segment the greater the induction position. The range unit is more sensitive to move the width of the human body is small, the range unit is less sensitive to move the width of the human body is large. The opposite concentric circles interweave with each other, narrowing the blind spots between the vocal ranges. A blind area is formed between regions, segments and intervals. Because the lens is limited by the position of the infrared probe field of view, the vertical and degree of induction position is infinite, and the incomplete area of the mirror is infinite. From the appearance, the lens can be summarized as long, square and round, and from the performance, it can be summarized as single-zone multi-segment, double-zone multi-segment and multi-zone multi-segment.

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