What is a color filter?

Sep. 06, 2019

What is a color filter?

Customized Optical Components Supplier - Changchun borui da photoelectric technology co., ltd. is a professional production of various optical components and laser coating manufacturers, there are a variety of different bands and colors of the filter, today borui da photoelectric and we look at the dazzling filter - color filter. Color filter Color filter is a kind of optical filter to show Color, it can accurately select the light wave to pass through a small range of bands, and reflect other do not want to pass through the band. Color filters are usually placed in front of the light source so that the eye can receive a certain color of light saturation. There are High Precision Optical Components like infrared filters, green, blue and so on. Compared with UV filter, VD filter, the general term of the color filter. Such as contrast filter, color separation filter, LB filter, etc.

The use of color filters includes contrast enhancement of monochrome displays such as VF(Vacuum Fluorescent display, EL(Electroluminescent display, LED)) through color selection and maximum output power of the display. Broadband filters are used to improve the contrast and performance of optical scanners with red, yellow and amber led displays. Medium density three-slot filters and polarizers enhance the contrast of liquid crystal displays (LCDS) by reducing internal reflections and creating a large variable between the display output power and the background.

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color filter

The color filter is made by means of vacuum evaporation, and the optical film is plated on the glass substrate, which can be adjusted to allow specific light to penetrate and reflect the remaining wave band at the same time. With stable quality filters and precise color difference control, all lighting equipment using color filters can present a consistent color concentration and perfect image without fading due to changes in the environment. Diversified color design can provide more diversified choices for your planning projects.

Color filters are made from optical substrates such as acrylic, polycarbonate and glass. Colouring may be achieved by stacking substrates with water-absorbing materials or by thin film coating; These coatings can pass through or block specific wavelengths of the visible, infrared, and near-infrared spectra.

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