How to prevent explosion in the instrumentation industry?

Aug. 09, 2019

How to prevent explosion in the instrumentation industry? 

In the current era of electrification, safety has been the concern of all sectors of society, then in the instrument industry, there are those safety risks? Today, Changchun BRD Optical component would like to take you to learn together in the instrument industry, how should we explosion? We all know that three conditions are required for the formation of an explosion, namely oxygen, explosive gas, and detonating source. Because air is everywhere, we have no control over oxygen. Therefore, the control of the explosion can only start from the explosive gas and the source of the detonation. But there is another principle of explosion protection in the instrumentation industry: controlling the explosion range.

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Double Convex Lens

Double Convex Lens

Three common principles of explosion protection in instruments and meters:

Control explosive gases

Artificially create a space without explosive gas in the dangerous place (we call the industrial site which has three conditions for explosion at the same time as the dangerous place), and install the instrument in it, which is typically represented by the positive pressure explosion-proof method Exp. Working principle: in a sealed box, fill with clean gas or inert gas without explosive gas, keep the pressure in the box slightly higher than the pressure outside the box, and install the meter in the box. Usually used for explosion proof of re-line analysis instrument and positive pressure explosion proof instrument cabinet which places computer, PLC, operation station or other instrument on site.

Controlled detonating source

The artificial elimination of the detonation source can eliminate both the spark enough to detonate and the surface temperature rise enough to detonate, which is typically represented by the intrinsically safe explosion-proof method Exi. The working principle is: using the safety grid technology, the electrical energy provided to the field instrument is limited to the safe range which can neither produce enough sparks to detonate nor produce enough temperature rise of the instrument surface to detonate. According to international standards and China's national standards, when the equipment connected to the safety zone side of the safety grid has any failure (no more than 250V voltage), the essential safety and explosion protection method ensures the explosion protection at the hazardous site. Exia class essential safety equipment will not cause explosive gas mixture to explode when it works normally, one fault occurs, and two faults occur. Therefore, this method is the safest and most reliable explosion-proof method.

Controlled explosion range

Artificially limiting the explosion to a limited local area so that the explosion in that area does not cause a larger explosion. The typical representative is the flameproof explosion-proof method Exd. Working principle: design a strong enough shell for the instrument, design, manufacture and install all interfaces strictly according to the standard, so that the explosion in the shell will not cause the explosion of dangerous gas (explosive gas) outside the shell. The design and manufacturing specifications for flameproof and explosion-proof methods are extremely strict, as are the operating procedures for installation, wiring and maintenance. This method determines the flameproof electrical equipment, instruments are often very bulky, operation must be power off, but in many cases is also the most effective way.

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