Trends In Customized Optical Components Technology Upgrades.

Feb. 28, 2019

Trends in Customized Optical Components technology upgrades

The terminal optoelectronic products are developing towards higher pixels, thinner and lighter, and cheaper, and put forward higher technical requirements for optical components. In order to adapt to such product trends, optical components have changed in materials, technology and other aspects.

(1) Optical aspherical lenses are available

Spherical lens imaging has the disadvantages of aberration, which is easy to cause sharpness and deformation. Aspherical lenses can obtain better imaging quality, correct a variety of aberrations, and improve system identification. The ability to replace multiple spherical lens parts with one or several aspherical lens parts simplifies instrument construction and reduces cost. Commonly used are parabolic mirrors, hyperboloid mirrors and elliptical mirrors. Be sure to choose a regular Customized Optical Components Supplier to purchase the product.

(2) Wide application of optical plastics

The raw materials of the advanced optical components are mainly optical glass. With the development of synthetic technology and the improvement of the processing technology, optical plastics have been rapidly developed. The traditional optical glass materials are more expensive, the production reprocessing process is complicated, and the yield is not high. Compared with optical glass, optical plastic has the advantages of good plastic molding process characteristics, light weight and low cost. It has been widely used in optical instruments and equipment in the fields of photography, aviation, military, medical, culture and education.

From the perspective of optical lens application, various lenses and lenses have plastic products, which can be directly molded by molding process, and do not require traditional milling, fine grinding, polishing, etc., and are especially suitable for aspherical optical components. Another feature of optical plastics is that the lens can be molded directly into the frame structure, simplifying the assembly process, ensuring assembly quality and reducing production costs.

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