Full Multi-layer Coated High-end Telescope Lens

Nov. 05, 2018

With the development of the society nowadays, everyone has also improved their quality of life. Nowadays, they often go to travel, take risks, go to adventures and other activities. It is necessary to carry a telescope with you at this time, and high-end telescopes. It is also an indispensable thing in the military, navigation, aviation and other industries. Therefore, today, Customized Optical Components Supplier and everyone will learn some basic knowledge of high-end telescopes. What are the lenses of high-end telescopes with full multi-layer coating? "secret"?

The optical components of the telescope, also called the objective lens, the eyepiece and the prism, the coating layer on which the optical loss and reflection caused by reflection can be reduced, and the light transmission rate and contrast can be increased.

 A limiting factor for binoculars that reflect light is that when light hits ordinary glass, 4-5% of the light is reflected by the glass surface (the glass itself absorbs some of the light as it passes). A telescope has an average of 10-16 glass faces, and its light loss may be 50% or more of the amount of light originally incident on the objective lens. What's worse, all reflected light will be generated after multiple reflections inside the telescope. Shining and ghosting images.

The thickness and density of the coating layer should be absolutely standardized, otherwise there will be unpredictable reflections and other problems.

So how do you need to distinguish the type of coating?

Coating is one of the most confusing terms. In many cases, the description of the telescope is mostly misleading. For the sake of distinction, the following vocabulary for general description is used:

Optical coating: (C) - means that only one or more lens surfaces already have anti-reflection coatings;

Full coating: (FC) - means that all glass surfaces that are exposed to air are coated (in most cases this means less, if most of the plastic mirrors are not coated);

Multi-layer coating: (MC) - one or more lens surfaces have been coated with multiple layers, some of which may be coated with a single film or some completely uncoated

Full Multilayer Coating: (FMC) - All glass surfaces that come into contact with air have multiple layers of coating.

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